17 febbraio 2010

The Myth of Tiananmen Massacre with Eye Witness


Popular Western myth on June 4, 1989 was that Tiananmen Square was forcefully cleared by the Chinese government. In the process, several thousand students died, many crushed by tanks.

This video presents the eyewitness testimony to refute this accusation by student leader, Hou DeJian who was involved in the protest. He was on the Square and was among the last to leave that morning. He did not see anyone killed or crushed by tanks on the Square that morning.

The Western media also put the figure dead in the order of 2000 people, while every pro active effort by the Tiananmen Mothers (an organization of parents of deceased protestors on June 4th) were able to uncover only 186 deaths. This number is in close agreement with the official number released by the Chinese government which is 241 if soldiers were taken into account.

From the Western media reports of Tiananmen June 4th we can learn several things:
1) The Western media still reported lies and intepreted events through their bigoted lenses despite having access to cover the event. The figure of 2000 deaths and reports of tanks crushing students came from them which they then reported to the world. To this day, this is the image that the rest of the world think of when they think of Tiananmen June 4 - tanks crushing hundreds of students on the square - yet it never happened.
2) The Chinese government official death toll of 241 was initially discredited by the Western media as being grossly underestimated, yet that figure stood the test of time. Despite the Tiananmen Mothers being able to produce only 186 names, certain Western media still refuse to back down from their numbers, instead claiming that "the number of deaths will never be known". The Western media is certainly too concern about saving face than to admit that the Communist government was honest on the number.
3) The Western media can be concluded to be involved in a pattern of consistent anti-China propaganda through the years before and after Tiananmen, most recently in the Tibet riots. We must therefore learn from history and not blindly trust their reporting on China. On the Olympic torch to Islamabad, New Delhi and Canberra and on to Everest and then the Olympic torch flame reaches Zhumolangma.

FYI, I believed what the Western media told me about Tiananmen for 15 years. In 2004, I decided to put forth evidence to incriminate the Communist government on Tiananmen. I tried to gather photographs of dead bodies on the internet, yet I did not think there were enough to come up with 2000 bodies. Upon more closer investigation, I realized I have been duped by the Western media regarding June 4. I hope my video will help to bring forth the truth or at least force you to rethink what you thought you knew about the events of June 4th.

I would like to dedicate this video to Hong Kong patriot Ma Lik (馬力) 1952-2007 who was practically stoned by the Hong Kong public when he denied that the students were crushed by tanks. This clearly shows that there is still widespread need to educate the world on what really happened that day.

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